Tourism in Sudan: A Catalyst for the Future

Tourism in Sudan: A Catalyst for the Future

Posted By: CGS
February 02, 2010

In February, 2007, the Center for Global Strategies (CGS) presented a conference in Sudan entitled “Tourism in Sudan: A Catalyst for the Future.” More than 250 people attended from 13 countries. The conference was designed to assist the growth and quality of tourism in Sudan, establish goodwill, and promote friendship. CGS’ delegation, led by David M. Beasley, Governor of South Carolina (1995-1999), and CGS Executive Director, Henry L. Deneen, included the Director of the International Tourism Research Institute, from the University of South Carolina; a professor from the University of South Carolina with expertise in web marketing; the director of a tourism consulting firm from Barcelona, Spain; and the Director of the Center for Recreation and Tourism Research at the widely acclaimed Peking University. The range of topics included:

• “Tourism: The South Carolina Experience”

• “Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead: Tourism Competitiveness for Sudan”

• “Tourism Planning in China: Sino-African Cooperation Perspective and Prospect”

• “Tourism in Sudan: A Marketing Perspective”

• “Communicating Destination Image Online: The Case of Sudan”

In addition to the conference, the delegation visited major tourism sites in Sudan and consulted with the Ministry of Tourism.