CGS Update: Perspectives from London

Posted By: CGS • January 05, 2017

A CGS worker living in London has filed the following report: In London, we have been working to connect with British organizations to mobilize them to meet the needs of their local and global communities. In particular, we have been working to connect with network leaders across the London area to encourage them to mobilize […]

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CGS Update: What’s Happening on Lesvos, GR

Posted By: CGS • December 21, 2016

A CGS worker spending time in Greece helping refugees has filed the following report. Lesvos is an intense place. I’m halfway through a 2- week stay. It’s my 3rd visit to the island, and while I understand better how things work, it’s still overwhelming to see. So far I’ve spent most of my time repairing […]

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Researching the Refugee Crisis in Berlin

Posted By: CGS • December 13, 2016

A CGS worker living in Berlin and conducting research among refugees has filed the following report. We will keep you updated on further progress. Reading statistics about all of the refugees coming into Europe is overwhelming. For me, visiting a refugee housing center made that general sense of overwhelming need more real. But where to […]

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Our Crisis Pregnancy Center Partner

Posted By: Henry Deneen • November 24, 2016

Lydia – A Beating Heart is the first and only pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Macedonia.  The Lydia Center is dedicated to counseling and helping women while promoting the value of life and the baby’s right to be born. Our goal is to love, support, and assist women facing unplanned pregnancies, post-abortion trauma, and other […]

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Educational Initiative in Macedonia

Posted By: Henry Deneen • November 18, 2016

“Koreni” (Roots) was established in Skopje, Macedonia in November 2014 to serve as a catalyst for change through education development.  At Koreni, we see 3 types of education opportunities in Macedonia: empowering local teachers, working with local students, and connecting with our community. Our primary focus is working with teachers and administrators, equipping them to […]

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Frankfurt Trauma Basics Conference

Posted By: Henry Deneen • October 23, 2016

Celia Deneen and Dr. Leah Herod presented a one-day trauma basics conference, under the auspices of CGS, in Frankfurt, Germany on Friday, October 7, 2016. 73 were in attendance, representing a cross-section of people in the Frankfurt area, all of whom have been interacting with refugees, at least over the past year. Prior to and […]

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Trauma Counseling Seminars (Frankfurt, Germany)

Posted By: Henry Deneen • September 16, 2016

According to recent statistics, 65 million people in the world today are displaced.  Much of that people-moving has come as a result of war and violence in their home countries, and though the survivors may be physically safe in their new environment (as least compared to their home environment), they often experience great emotional and […]

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Refugee Crisis: Farsi and Arabic speakers needed

Posted By: CGS • March 19, 2016

One of the greatest needs in Germany and across Europe is for Arabic- and Farsi-speaking young men to engage with our colleagues who are working in refugee camps. The refugees have time on their hands, as they do not have jobs, are unfamiliar with the native languages of Europe and with European customs, and are […]

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CGS Exploring Refugee Crisis in Europe

Posted By: CGS • January 27, 2016

Executive Director Henry Deneen and his wife, Celia, are in Europe for 6 weeks to study the refugee issue first-hand and explore creative ways CGS can respond to this worldwide crisis. CGS will provide regular reports on how lives are being impacted and changed in Lesvos, Greece; Malta; and Frankfurt, Germany. Update 1 - Refugee Crisis: Farsi and Arabic speakers needed

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Good News In Vietnam

Posted By: CGS • October 24, 2015

On October 5, 2015, the United States and 11 other countries, came to an agreement after 5 years of negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Some note that TPP, which still requires ratification in each country, is controversial among various constituencies. This is to be expected as with all trade agreements there are some […]

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