Southeast Asia

Initiatives: Southeast Asia

Good News In Vietnam

On October 5, 2015, the United States and 11 other countries, came to an agreement after 5 years of negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Some note that TPP, which still requires ratification in each country, is controversial among various constituencies. This is to be expected as with all trade agreements there are some […]

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Progress in Vietnam

Since its inception in 2005, CGS has strived to connect global/friendship-minded professionals in the west with counterparts from a variety of developing countries in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and SE Asia. These connections serve as a catalyst for friendship, mutual understanding, societal development, and increased trade.  One such country, which has provided continued […]

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Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia: An American Perspective

In July, 2006, the Center for Global Strategies (CGS) presented a seminar in Southeast Asia entitled “Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia: An American Perspective.” This seminar was designed to promote the continued economic growth of Southeast Asian countries, and create enhanced business relationships. CGS’ delegation led by Jonathan Moreno, Chief Operating Officer, included a CPA/Chief Operating […]

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