Good News In Vietnam

On October 5, 2015, the United States and 11 other countries, came to an agreement after 5 years of negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Some note that TPP, which still requires ratification in each country, is controversial among various constituencies. This is to be expected as with all trade agreements there are some who benefit greater than others.  Nonetheless, TPP provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate how engaging in trade also promotes mutual understanding, human rights, peace, and development.

One of CGS’ founding principles is that by building bridges, whether economic or friendship, developing countries will prosper and minimize the possibility that these countries might become instigators in the world’s conflicts.

Vietnam is not only one of the 12 countries as a signatory of the TPP, it is a country which CGS has maintained interest and engagement since its inception in 2005.  It is remarkable that this country has gone from being relationally and economically estranged from the United States 20 years ago to being on the cusp of participating in the most ambitious trade agreement ever with each other.

In the last 20 years, the US has grown to be Vietnam’s largest market and US exports to Vietnam are becoming a success story for many US companies.

Probably one of the most interesting recent facts comes from the Pew Research Institute’s study which notes that Vietnamese have one of the most favorable opinions of America in the world with an 80% favorability rating.

US Secretary of State John Kerry notes that no two countries have come further in their relationship in such a short amount of time compared to the US and Vietnam. This is a wonderful example of the value and success of many US citizens, companies, and organizations like CGS who have been consistently investing in Vietnam.

In a time when we are bombarded with bad news and negativity… enjoy some good news and thanks for your contributions to being a small part of the story.