Trauma Counseling Seminars (Frankfurt, Germany)

According to recent statistics, 65 million people in the world today are displaced.  Much of that people-moving has come as a result of war and violence in their home countries, and though the survivors may be physically safe in their new environment (as least compared to their home environment), they often experience great emotional and mental upheaval as a result of their experiences.

With a million new immigrants coming into Germany in the last year, that nation is laboring to welcome  and assimilate the refugees into German culture.  CGS is working alongside the church in Germany, as the German people know that understanding refugees’ psychological trauma and how it affects them is a key part of providing that welcome.  German colleagues have invited Leah Herod, Ph.D.,  and Celia Deneen, M.Ed., to present a one-day workshop in Frankfurt on Trauma Basics for them and other interested participants across Europe.  The workshop will address such topics as trauma and its anticipated effects, the interplay with cross-cultural adjustment, how the church can help, and what caregivers need to do to be prepared for the long haul.  Dr. Herod and Celia also plan to meet with refugees in groups, including mothers and their children, in an effort to give them tools to deal with trauma.

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