Frankfurt Trauma Basics Conference

Celia Deneen and Dr. Leah Herod presented a one-day trauma basics conference, under the auspices of CGS, in Frankfurt, Germany on Friday, October 7, 2016.

73 were in attendance, representing a cross-section of people in the Frankfurt area, all of whom have been interacting with refugees, at least over the past year. Prior to and following the conference, Dr. Herod and Celia Deneen had the opportunity to counsel with refugees, listen to their stories, and help them in their difficult journeys. People of many different nationalities are now in Germany and are searching spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically, as their foundational beliefs about life have been shaken, due to war, uncertainty, loss, etc. Needs of the refugees can be seemingly overwhelming – many people are reaching out and welcoming refugees, but the refugees are legally unable to work, have few resources, are in crisis, and often do not know the language

People assisting refugees need encouragement and additional manpower to continue the efforts. Refugees are often under tremendous pressure from family members and others to find jobs, learn language, and assimilate into the German culture, and workers who are helping them in these endeavors often find themselves traumatized by their stories, difficulties, and perplexing problems. Finding genuine community and people upon whom refugees can depend is one of the key aspects of their assimilation into the German culture. The clash of cultures will continue – but we believe there is an opportunity for mutual transformation with the blending of different cultures.

Will you continue to stand with us to see acceptance by the German people of this influx of refugees; a desire by the refugees to become a part of the receiving culture; and flourishing of all who work with refugees?